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Broei's kitchen is all about vegetables, lots of vegetables. We get inspiration from all the kitchens in the world, while we're on vacation or philosophising about food… There's little we can't do, and we make it all ourselves. We also receive all sorts of fresh vegetables from enthusiastic home-growers who provide us with vegetables from their vegetable gardens.

We make all our bread ourselves; sourdough with flour from the Commandeursmolen in Limburg, which mills local grains with traditional millstones.
The only thing we add is a bit of water and a pinch of salt. And oh yes, time. Lots of time. Our loaves leaven at least eighteen hours, to develop the best taste.

The bread and our pastries are made at our own BROEI bakery. The produce is delivered by bike to the restaurant so that we can serve freshly baked bread everyday. On top of that, from wednesday untill saturday you can also buy our sourdough breads in the restaurant to take home as of 10AM. If you come early, they are still warm :)

We try to cooperate with local and small-scale farmers, brewers, coffee roasters and growers as much as possible.
But we also head out, with Mother Nature as our teacher and supplier. . We get our coffee from the guys at KEEN.

We try to keep our drinks as much direct trade as we can, and purchase them locally or from small-scale entrepreneurs. But we even make some things ourselves, like the kombucha and ice tea.

The Bakery

We opened our new bakery!

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