Broei Utrecht

Welcome to BROEI

BROEI is open tuesday to sunday from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. All day long, so you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner.

In other news: BROEI is looking for a Head chef, Barrista &Waiters. Have you always wanted to take a look at our kitchen and would you like to work in a place where sustainability is a high priority? Then check our vacancies!

Broei Utrecht

Food & Drinks

We try to cooperate with local and small-scale farmers, brewers, coffee roasters and growers as much as possible. But we also head out, with Mother Nature as our teacher and supplier. To get dairy products and other things, we work together with De Lindenhoff. For vegetables, fruits and herbs, we join forces with De Lindenhoff and De Groentenakker. We get our coffee from the guys at KEEN.

We try to keep our drinks as much direct trade as we can, and purchase them locally or from small-scale entrepreneurs. But we even make some things ourselves, like the kombucha and ice tea.

The Bakery

We opened our new bakery!

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