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Welcome to BROEI

Welcome to the website of BROEI!

Lockdown or not, we're open every day from 09:00 till 20:15! Through our webshop, Thuisbezorgd or Uber Eats you can order your BROEI fix and get it delivered to your doorstep. And you're always welcome drop by in our deli for sourdough from our own BROEI Bakkerij or a burger!

We'd love to see you soon!

Broei Utrecht


We will have a menu that will change regularly. Classic BROEI dishes, but also some new exciting ones!


Stocking up at BROEI to stay in? Of course! We make lots of fresh products without any weird additives. If you’re looking for something particular, just ask – we might be able to make it for you!


Every Friday, Saturday and Saunday we will be offering a DIY menu again! Step into our shoes and impress your fellow diners with your cooking skills and our amazing dishes. All the hard work has been done by our chefs and with the easy to follow instructions from our chef you'll have whipped up a meal in no time. Be sure to check out our social media channels for hints of what we’ve got lined up in the future!

You can order by e-mail, telephone or WhatsApp, our webshop, Thuisbezorgd, UberEats or - takes deep breath - "de Lokalist".

030 737 00 05

+31 6 27106143

Stay safe & let’s do this!.

Food & Drinks

We try to cooperate with local and small-scale farmers, brewers, coffee roasters and growers as much as possible. But we also head out, with Mother Nature as our teacher and supplier. To get dairy products and other things, we work together with De Lindenhoff. For vegetables, fruits and herbs, we join forces with De Lindenhoff and De Groentenakker. We get our coffee from the guys at KEEN.

We try to keep our drinks as much direct trade as we can, and purchase them locally or from small-scale entrepreneurs. But we even make some things ourselves, like the kombucha and ice tea.