Broei Bakery

Our bakery makes sourdough bread in a traditional fashion, with expertly sourced ingredients of the highest quality and sustainable provenance.

All our produce is naturally fermented, manually processed and shaped. This dynamical process, that is never the same requires skill and dedication of our team.

The production process takes 24 hours from kneading the dough to baking the bread, this give our bread it's characteristic fine taste, firm and airy crumb and a beautiful crispy crust.

From Wednesday to Saturday we bake various types of bread, sweet rolls and cakes. For our own restaurant, but also for Daens, Saar, Rabarber and other cool businesses in Utrecht and the surrounding area. We think it is a compliment that they choose our bread!

Our products are for sale in the shop at the bakery on the Eendrachtlaan, at BROEI and also at Daens, de Pomp and Froh! You can also order them here on our website, or via Lokalist

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